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      QR-PWM反激式控制器(SSR) CL1850/CL1850D

      概述 General Description:  


              ◆ CL1850 is a higher integrated PWM flyback power switch, which integrated various HV-MOSFET. It provides several functions to enhance the efficiency to meets the criteria of global standards such as DoE Level VI and EU CoC V5 Tier-2. Meantime, it also provides excellent EMI-improved solution, and also built in complete protection.
              ◆ CL1850 is a multi-mode controller. At full load, the IC operates in fixed frequency CCM mode or QR mode based on the AC line. In this way, high efficiency in the universal input voltage at full load can achieved. At normal load, It operates in QR mode. When the load goes low, it operates in Green mode with Valley switching for high efficiency. When the load is very small, the IC operates in Burst mode to minimize the standby power loss. As a result, high efficiency can be achieved in
      the whole loading range.
              ◆CL1850 also built-in the leading-edge blanking (LEB) of the current sensing and feedback loop to screen the spike noise form any input signal. The internal slope compensation can limit the constant output over universal AC input range. The sawtooth over frequency function
      for EMI improved solution.
              ◆ Meanwhile, CL1850 also provides various protection, such as, OLP (Over Load Protection) ,VDD OVP (Over Voltage Protection) , Output OVP and VDD OVP to prevent the circuit damage from the abnormal conditions.
              ◆CL1850 is available in SOT-23-6L and DIP8
              ◆CL1850 works with current sensing synchronous rectifier controllers, such as CLR6300, to achieve higher conversion efficiency and very compact power density..

      性  Feature

      ◆ 65KHz fix frequency mode at PWM Mode

      Internal 12ms Soft-start in 65KHz

      ◆ Very low startup current (<6 uA)

      ◆ 0.5mA ultra-low operating current at light load

      ◆ Programmable adaptive burst control for light-load efficiency with low output ripple and audible noise suppression.

      Programmable adaptive Frequency Shuffling and Slope Compensation @ QR and PWM Mode

      ◆ Current mode control with Cycle-by-Cycle current limit

      Built-in slope and load regulation compensation

      LEB (Leading-edge blanking) on CS Pin

      UVLO (Under voltage lockout)

      Fault Protections : VDD Over Voltage, ZCD OVP(Over Voltage & UVP (Under Voltage), Output Short-Circuit, Over-Current, OLP (Over load protection) and Pin Fault

      ◆ Photo coupler short protection & Feedback open protection

      ◆ High voltage CMOS process with excellent ESD protection


      應用  Application

      ◆ Switching AC/DC adapter and battery charger

      ◆ ATX standby power

      Open frame switching power and CD(R)

      ◆ Set-top-boxes(STB) 384Xreplacement


      典型應用  Application Circuit




      功能和保護選項Function and Protection Options

      打標說明及管腳分布Top View/ Marking



      管腳功能描述Pin Assignments and Package Type


      QR-PWM反激式控制器(SSR) CL1850/CL1850D


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